We go to nail salons to get our nails professional manicured and pedicured, to complete the usual groomed look, or to prepare for that special day.  Top of our mind, we are more likely thinking: polish or gelish, what latest colour to try out, or what nail art design or crystals.

What we often overlook is the health of our nails, beneath all that colour and glamour.  Are our nail beds strong and supple?  Or are they soft and thin, easily chipped and possibly infected with traces of fungus?  Have we given our nails the proper care they deserve like how we care for our face? We wouldn't share our makeup sponge with our friend.  So why would we share the same foot file with thousands of strangers?
Beautiful nails begin with Healthy nails.  It's not too late.  Start with the fundamentals.

  • The Nail Edition Kit
    No more sharing of nail clippers, toe separators, nail or foot file with hundreds of people you've never met.

    With THE NAIL EDITION® PRO Kit, you no longer have to worry if the salon customer before you had nail or foot fungal infection, or if your Nail Technician sanitised the common tools properly.

    On the contrary, if you have unfortunately contracted nail fungal infection and are treating it, you can be considerate by taking precautions not to pass it on by using your personal manicure nail kit.

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  • Professional Manicure Tools
    MANI or PEDI.
    Your Nail Technician uses many tools for your full manicure or pedicure session, but you are not sure exactly what all of them are.  And what would make a complete set.

    THE NAIL EDITION® PRO Kit contains the most important, fundamental tools necessary for every classic manicure or pedicure sessions.

    The ones you would least prefer to share with others.

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  • The Nail Edition Manicure Tools
    You've considered buying your own nail kit, or bringing your home manicure set to use at your regular salon. However you are not sure if they are up to the professional standards of your Nail Technicians.

    Each item selected to be part of THE NAIL EDITION® PRO Kit was rigorously shortlisted from hundreds of options internationally and tested with professional salons.

    This is so your Nail Technicians are happy using them. And you walk out of the salon with not only beautiful, but also healthy nails.

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  • Designer Manicure Kit
    Every detail of THE NAIL EDITION® PRO Kit was meticulously discussed, debated and tested. To make sure they truly meet the needs of the users - Owners + Nail Technicians alike.

    From the way the tools are laid out - to maximize ease of retrieval and usage while keeping the case compact; to incorporating a tray for "parking" the tools after use to be sanitized before packing; to how the outer edges are chamfered for ease of carrying and stacking.

    Manicure and pedicure tools are easily differentiated by the hand and feet icon, and packed into separate removable layers, so you can easily have your manicure and pedicure done at the same time.

    Proudly designed in Singapore, THE NAIL EDITION® PRO Kit case is an effort by a well-established Singapore design house comprising a team of Singapore and Italian designers.

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