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The casing of THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC kit is designed like a clutch, something you will be proud to carry around.

With the edge chamfered all around, the case is easy to hold, and easy to retrieve when stacked in a salon.  With convenience of our users in mind, painstaking efforts were made to make the case the lightest, and most compact possible. 

A discreet loop at the front of the case provides a spot to hang your favourite charm and your personal tag, compliments of THE NAIL EDITION to mark the kit your own.
Turn over the top layer to reveal a tray your nail technician can use to "park" your used tools before they are cleaned, sanitised or sterilised and packed back into the case.

The second layer holds 8 pieces of manicure tools, clearly marked with a hand logo. The third layer holds another 8 pieces of pedicure tools marked with a feet logo. The tools are separated into 2 trays to give you the convenience of having your manicure and pedicure done at the same time by two different nail technicians.

All the tools are compactly organised with each tool "housed" separately to minimise tool damage. Considerations are built in to make each piece easy to pick up.
Each THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC kit comes with a matching black satin bag to protect the case. The bag doubles up as the cleaning cloth to polish your case to nice shine.

Whether you bring the kit to each of your nail salon visit, or you leave the set at your favourite salon, THE NAIL EDITION® PRO kit is your lifelong companion for your manicure sessions. No more compromise.