THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with a thoughtful selection of 16 piece quality nail tools for your ultimate nail health. The manicure and pedicure tools are separately selected and organised so that you can have your manicure and pedicure done at the same time, letting you step out of the nail salon with beautiful, and healthy nails in a shorter time.

All with your very own Professional Nail Kit.

Nail Clippers

Nail Clippers need no introduction and is the most common nail tool. However, while they all look alike, the height of the lever and the sharpness of the blades are fine details making a difference to the cut, which we normally take no notice of.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with 2 nail clippers, selected for their sharpness and ease of use, to deliver clean, precise trims.

For easy differentiation, the matte silver clipper is marked with a hand icon for your manicure, while the glossy silver clipper is marked with a feet icon for your pedicure. Both clippers are large size, custom for the usage by nail technicians.


Cuticle Nippers

The Cuticle Nippers are used to trim or cut back nail cuticles (dead skin at the base of finger or toe nails). For safety and hygiene considerations, nail technicians need sturdy nippers that can trim the cuticles with precision.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with two professionally preferred cuticle nippers - one for your manicure and one for your pedicure, for optimum hygiene (so any nail fungal infection on your toes does not creep onto your fingernails).

Both nippers are manufactured with high-grade cobalt stainless steel for durability and features ultra sharp blades for clean cuts. The handles are ergonomically designed and calibrated with responsive spring action for ease of control. If preferred, nail technicians can easily detach the springs temporarily for more control.


Cuticle Pushers

The Cuticle Pusher is a nail tool used to shape and push cuticles back off the nail plate after the cuticle is softened by cuticle lotion.
THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC kit comes with 2 professional quality cobalt stainless steel cuticle pushers, one for your manicure and the other for your pedicure.  Both pushers come with one end for effective clearing of skin growth on the nail plate, and the other end doubling up as a pterygium cleaner.  Each pusher comes with non-slip handles for a firmer grip and ease of use. 

Foot File

The Foot File is a pedicure tool used for filing the sole and heel of the feet to remove dry skin and calluses (preventing them from growing bigger and thicker) to give you soft, smooth skin.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with one dual-faced metal (stainless steel) foot file for your luxurious foot care.

The coarse face allows the nail technicians to tackle your stubborn calluses with less effort, while the smoother face is used for regular maintenance to remove dead skin.

Unlike the regular emery foot file that wears out after several uses, your classic metal file will last you a while with no hassle for replacement stickers. Sharp as it looks, you will be surprised at how gentle it feels on your feet and the baby soft feel you get afterwards.

The biggest item in the kit, the long ergonomic handle and generous filing surface makes it a preferred choice for the nail technicians.


Nail Files

Nail files are used to gently grind and shape the finger and toe nails usually after the nails have been trimmed by a clipper. They can also be used to even out the ridges of your nails or roughen the nails in preparation for the polish. Depending on natural nails or artificial nails, and the conditions of your nails, nail technicians use files with different grit (coarseness) to protect the health of your nails.

The smaller the grit number, the coarser the file. Generally grits below #180 are used for artificial nails while #180 is the minimum grit recommended for filing natural nails.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with four different pieces of professional emery nail files - two for your manicure and two for your pedicure, easily differentiated with the respective hand and feet icons. A range of grits #80 /#100 / #180 / #220 are available to address the different purposes during a nail session.

The grits of each file are printed on the smoother side of the file. This makes it easier to identify the right file for each process and creates greater awareness of using the right grit to protect your nail health.

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Sanding Block

A Sanding Block is commonly used to smoothen any ridges or create roughness on the nails, preparing them for finer buffing or polish. Your nail technician may also use the coarser side of the block to buff off the first layer of your previous gellish nail colour before the complete colour removal process.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with one cheery orange sanding block with grit #60 on one side and grit #100 on two sides.

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Nail Shine Buffer

A Nail Shine Buffer has a very high grit surface that is used to polish the buffed nails to a glossy shine.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with one four-step nail shine buffer block that you can use for those days when you decide to give your nails a healthy break from nail colour.

If you normally do not paint your fingernails, the shine buffer is a good alternative to have nails that glow and looked like they have the clear coat of polish. This is also a great finishing touch for men or child manicure.

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Toe Spacers

No stranger to most ladies, Toe Spacers are the tools used in the last process of your pedicure session. They are "slotted" between your toes to keep your newly painted toe nails separate from one another so that the colour can set in perfectly and maintains its pristine condition.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with one pair of comfortable toe spacers that is pretty to look at as you admire your new nail colours. Never have to share toe spacers with anybody else again.

Sturdy yet soft, take your pick from the three designs.

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Nail Brush

A Nail Brush is used to brush the dirt off the nail plates as well as under the tips of the nails. In many cases, salons also use the brush to clean the foot file after use.

THE NAIL EDITION® PRO CLASSIC Kit comes with one nail brush capped with a neat transparent cover for maximum hygiene.

THE NAIL EDITION® Pte Ltd reserves the right to replace the items within the nail kit without prior notification. What we can assure is that any replacements made will be with our user's best interests.