At The Nail Edition, we believe that beautiful nails do not have to come at the expense of healthy nails.

Founded by two long time friends who frequent manicure salons, The Nail Edition was a creation out of a need, close to their hearts.  Enable manicure lovers to enjoy beautiful nails - with peace of mind and style.

The manicure scene across the globe advanced rapidly over the past years enabling consumers to enjoy longer lasting polish and increasingly fancy nail designs: from stickers, to 2D nail painting, to 3D nail art embellished with Swarovski crystals. Nail treatments similarly got more luxurious, from foot spa, to paraffin wax, and even nail masks for your individual nail.

While the number of nail care products and nail beauty brands proliferated to the delight of consumers, a very fundamental nail care regime is often an afterthought. Across the world, it is a common practice during manicure or pedicure process for the same tool to be used on all the customers who walk into the salon. More and more salons ensure a routine to sterilise or sanitise the tools before they are being used by the next customer, however the risk of nail fungal or even more serious infections remain, if that procedure is not strictly adhered to.

The practice of sharing tools has been such a norm that nobody questions it, though we believe it remains a nagging thought in the minds of many salon patrons. And while many are concerned, there are no good solutions in the market. Abundance of manicure sets exist, which are catered towards home use, often missing the cuticle nipper or containing tools for your other beauty needs at home. And these are normally small tools, which the professional nail technicians will not agree to use in the salon. Some forward looking salons started offering selected tools for sale which saw a take-up by the more hygiene conscious consumers. However in most cases, the set is incomplete and there is no proper storage that could minimise damage to the tools.

We waited for a solution of our dreams to hit the market, but it hasn't arrived. Hence we set off to create our own - A personal manicure set that is professionally preferred, with all the tools that you would least prefer to share with others, in a case that you would be proud to be seen carrying, yet thoughtfully designed to make your manicure and pedicure sessions a breeze while keeping your tools in the best conditions.

We set out to re-define "personal manicure kit".

After months of evaluating different tools from around the world, testing them across different salons to gather nail technician feedback, we selected the optimum tools for The Nail Edition® PRO CLASSIC kit - our first product. With the support from Design Singapore, we worked with a established Singapore Design firm and a group of Singapore and Italian designers to design a case for the tools that will meet the needs of both its users - the owners (in looking good and being mobile), and the nail technicians (in ease of use).

And it does not stop here. Our mission is to continuously seek quality nail products that allow us to have beautiful nails with no compromise of healthy nails. 

Beautiful nails begin with Healthy nails.  Start with the fundamentals.